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About Us

In 1889, two brothers, Willard Bundy a jeweler and inventor, and Harlow E. Bundy, a young entrepreneur, opened a time recording clock company in downtown BinghamtonBy the turn of the 20th century, thousands of workers were clocking in and out of work on Bundy Time Recorders. The company flourished, moved to Endicott, and eventually became IBM.

While the factories in Binghamton are now long gone, you can experience the world that spawned the Bundy Manufacturing Company at Harlow Bundy’s home – now the Bundy Museum of History & Art, 129 Main St. on Binghamton’s Westside.

We at the Bundy Museum seek to not only honor the accomplishments of Binghamton’s entrepreneurs like the Bundys, but also to pay our respects to the culture that influenced them.

Our collection ranges from early manufacturing and broadcasting artifacts to international art designed to enrich local culture.

We honor local entrepreneurs, artists, and personalities by showcasing the fruits of their labor and the culture they influenced. Your support helps us ensure that the historical and cultural achievements of the Southern Tier do not fade into the shadows of history.

The Museum serves 3 purposes:

  • To preserve the legacy of Willard & Harlow E. Bundy
  • To relive the elegance and beauty of the Victorian Era
  • To educate and inspire the general public on the fine arts

Since opening in 2004, the museum complex has expanded to three buildings and includes:

The Permanent Exhibits


  • Museum Hours: Tues-Sat: 11-5pm
  • Admission is $7.00 for a guided tour. Children under 10 admitted free.
  • Group discounts available.
  • Admission to the 3rd floor art gallery and the Southern Tier Broadcasters Hall of Fame is always free.
  • Private group tours and tours by appointment can be arranged by calling (607) 772-9179.

Programs and Special Events

The Bundy Museum is proud to be an active participant in the Binghamton community, offering a wide range of exciting events and educational programs for all ages. We strive to find connections: past with present, culture to culture, and to identify the meaningful relationships between art, history, society, education, local culture, and technology. Look for upcoming events and programs on our events calendar. Here are some of the events and programs we offer:


  • Rod Serling Symposium:  Learn about the life and legacy of one of America’s greatest writers…..Rod Serling
  • First Fridays: We are a proud participant of Binghamton’s First Friday Art Walk.  View the latest exhibiting artist on the third floor in the Open Art Gallery.  
  • Bundy Seasonal Film Festival: Presenting feature films, short stories and documentaries exclusively at the Bundy Annex (located behind the museum)
  • Bundy Lecture Series: Featuring guest speakers, symposiums and educational seminars 
  • Victorian Tea Parties: Experience an afternoon in the Victorian Era!
  • Primal Beat Drum Circle:  An open drum circle welcoming both beginning and experienced drum player. All are welcomed to a night of open jamming in the Bundy Annex Theater (located behind the museum) led by Rob Wandell
  • Community Clubs:  The Bundy Arts & Victorian Museum supports community and welcomes all community clubs to host their next meeting at the Bundy Museum.


  • Additional Information?

For more information about The Bundy call (607) 772-9179, or write: The Bundy Museum of History & Art 129 Main St. Binghamton, NY 13905 E-mail: bundymuseum@yahoo.com  

Learn more about the Bundy Mfg. Co., local industrial history, time recording clocks, and more:

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