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Harlow E. Bundy Biography

Harlow Elisha Bundy was born on February 5, 1856 in Auburn, New York. He and his brother Willard incorporated Bundy Manufacturing Company on September 30th, 1889, which manufactured and marketed some of the world’s first time recorders. With the industrialization of America, the concept of time was changing into an increment of payment.  

The Bundy Time Recorder allowed workers to clock in and out by using a mechanic device. It was vastly more efficient over human timekeepers, and a much needed product by business and factories, both large and small.  Harlow served as treasurer and general manager. 

Under his fierce leadership, Bundy Manufacturing Company was extremely successful and grew into one of the major industries in the Binghamton area, and eventually the world.

In 1900, Bundy Manufacturing Company merged with several other time recorder companies into International Time Recorder Company (ITR) and in 1907, Harlow oversaw the transfer of all production into a newly constructed, state of the art factory in Endicott.   The company was a truly international, having offices and business not only in principal cities all over the United States, but all over the world, including England, France, Germany and Canada. In 1911,

Harlow was extensively involved in the merger and consolidation of ITR with several other large companies into the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR), which was capitalized with $12,000,000 of stock. In 1924, under the leadership of Thomas J. Watson, CTR was renamed International Business Machines. 

Due to poor health, Harlow resigned as treasurer and general manager of ITR in 1915, but retained his position as vice-president of the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.  He moved to Pasadena, California, and spent his semi-retirement in a beautiful mansion, which supposedly overlooked a picturesque valley.

On March 21st, 1916, Harlow passed away suddenly in his Pasadena home from a heart attack. Harlow Bundy is lauded as the “father of the time-recording industry.” He had pioneered the industry by not only incorporating one of the world’s first time recorder companies, but by leading Bundy Manufacturing Company and, later ITR, to international financial success. After his death, the company he had created eventually became IBM. 



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