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Timeline of the Bundy Manufacturing Company

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1889: Harlow E. Bundy incorporates the Bundy Manufacturing Co. as the first time recording company in the world. It produces a time clock invented by his brother Willard L., a jeweler in Auburn, NY (the company consolidates into one of IBM’s forerunners in 1902).

1896: George W. Fairchild joins the company 1899: Co. acquires Standard Time Stamps Co., a manufacturer of time stamps and a card recorder

1900: ITR Co., formed by George W. Fairchild, as the selling agency of the Bundy Manufacturing Co., Willard & Fricte Manu. Co. & Standard Time Stamp Co., were the first card recording co.

1901: ITR Co. acquires Chicago Time-Register Co. which is first autograph time recorder Co.

1902: ITR Co. incorporates in NY as consolidation of above 3 companies

1906: ITR outgrows 2nd Binghamton factory, builds modern, reinforced concrete plant in Endicott, on site of present IBM.

1907: ITR moves to new plant, acquires Dex Time Register Co. which makes dial, card, & job-time recorders

1908: ITR acquires Syracuse Time Recording Co. which manufactures dial recorders

1910: Charles R. flint arranges merger of ITR, Computing Scale Co. and Tabilating Machine Co. to form C-T-R

1914: Thomas Watson hired as manager

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