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Sultana Exhibit


THE SULTANA EXHIBIT —  Remembering America’s Worst Maritime Disaster

On April 27, 1865, the steamboat Sultana labored up the swollen Mississippi River in the dead of night, carrying Union POWs home after a long and bloody Civil War. Laden with livestock, cargo, and 2400 passengers (7 times its maximum capacity) the Sultana exploded just north of Memphis, Tennessee. With more lives lost than in the sinking of the Titanic, this was the worst maritime disaster in U.S. history.

sult1Lost In the Wake of the Civil War

However, the story of the Sultana was overshadowed at the time by President Lincoln’s assassination, and the subsequent capture of John Wilkes Booth, which occurred on the same night as the Sultana explosion.

So, as the steamboat’s charred carcass settled into the deep Mississippi mud, its story also faded into the murky past.

The Soundtrack Inspired by the Story

In 2009, singer-songwriter Jeff Stachyra stumbled upon the Sultana story as he researched a backstory for a new song he was writing about an ill-fated steamboat. The Sultana’s lost history captivated his imagination and  inspired 4 years of research, the recording of new songs featuring over 60 Binghamton, NY area musicians, and a series of original drawings by folk artist Rick Iacovelli.

The resulting album is a musical opus that plays like a movie soundtrack. Its boutique packaging filled with artistry provokes the listener to dig deeper into the past, shine a light on this forgotten historical disaster, and  remember the Sultana!

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The Sultana Album Soundtrack

(Click on any song below)

  •     Four Mile Bridge
  •     Reuben B. Hatch
  •     The Pier
  •     That Ol’ Steam Boiler
  •     The Last Great March of the Skeleton Soldiers
  •     Heading North
  •     Things Go Wrong
  •     The Sultana
  •     Paddy’s Hen and Chickens
  •     Burned Down the Wheel
  •     Sweet Hour of Prayer Suite
  •     Underneath the Water
  •     Sultana
  •     La Sultana
  •     The Sultana Narrative --- part 1 -- They Were Heading Home
  •     The Sultana Narrative --- part II -- The Trip North
  •     The Sultana Narrative -- part III --- Memphis, TN
  •     The Sultana Narrative -- part IV -- The Rememberance

Youtube Video Playlist:

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Bag o Bones Reading Video
Developmental reading of a one act musical presented January 24, 2015 at The Bundy Museum of History and Art.


Photos of the Sultana Exhibit at the Bundy Museum

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